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2017-2018 Yearbook
4t​h ​Period:10:46am-12:27pm

Course Description:​ ​Yearbook is an elective course that provides students with experience in design and print media publishing. This course solely works towards the completion and selling of a large finished product, Warren Central High School’s yearbook. This course covers many of the Content Standards and Objectives encountered in English, Business, Technology and Visual Arts. This course also examines legal and ethical issues of media law and copyright.

Student Responsibilities:
●  Working with others as a committed Staff Member
●  Being involved with events at school
●  Writing, Proofreading, Text Layout
●  Constructing Page Layouts, Graphic Design
●  Digital Photography, Assisting with School Picture Days
●  Participate in Yearbook Sales & Advertising
●  Proper Care of Technology: Computers & Cameras
●  Attend & Be Involved in Staff Meetings: Every Monday in 4th Period

Grading: ​Student’s grades are based primarily on layouts and project assignments. Layouts will be evaluated based on the development of story, deadlines, and captions. The overall grade in based on the following key concepts:

  • Spreads:​ Our yearbook is directly tied to specific deadlines set by our publisher, which means that any spread that fails to meet a deadline will only be eligible for half credit. Any spread that is not complete by the second class deadline will receive no credit and can be reassigned. Missing a deadline is extremely costly for the yearbook and can severely hurt a student’s grade.
  • Participation:​ Production of the yearbook is a team effort. Without everyone’s participation, we will not be able to produce a quality book on time. Students must be willing to be a team member and work with classmates. Each student will receive a weekly participation grade.
  • Sales & Advertising:​ Money from advertising is a crucial component of the yearbook. Each student will help sell advertisements throughout the course of the school year.Technology​: ​Students are responsible for saving work in progress and store work and supplies when needed. Cameras are available to rent for photographing events, but must be returned the following morning to Mrs. Orange in the art room, room #140. No personal pictures are allowed. No consumption of food or drink will be tolerated around any technology equipment that will be used. (Please see attached camera use agreement)