Back to school! I am looking forward to the upcoming school year. My room is ready, lessons are planned, and students start their special area classes tomorrow!     Ready, Set, Go!


End Of The Year Wrap-Up!

Hard to believe that my second year at SNA has already come and gone. Time flies! My first year was a blur meeting all the students and learning about SNA, all while planning my wedding. The second my extra busyness came from completing my KTIP. I am very excited about my upcoming school year-no extra... Continue Reading →

SNA Art News!

I am excited to be back to school! The art room is ready for creative students. Who will be our first artist of the week this year? New posters are up in the artroom-and also a new behavior plan! ART letters are clipped on the white board. If students aren't on task/too disruptive I will... Continue Reading →

Summer Thoughts!

It's hard to believe how much time flies! This time last year I had just happily accepted the art teaching job at SNA. I was spending this time going through the classroom (see below) I organized and cleaned and organized some more as I prepared for SNAs students new world of art class they were... Continue Reading →

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