7th Grade Grid Drawings 

In 7th grade art we just wrapped up our grid drawing project! We learned about artists Chuck Close & M.C. Escher. Students did a great job!


Louisville Skyline Project

7th grade just finished up a project for the Kentucky Derby Festival art contest. We created artwork for one of the festival events, Thunder over Louisville. Students did a great job! Congrats to Tyler, our artist of the week!     

American Gothic Parodies

I am so impressed with my 7th graders! This assignment was a part of their "snow day packet" so these were done at home with no guidance! Students were to recreate Grant Wood's famous artwork to modern day. They did a great job!! 

Artist of the week: Shelby!

This week's artist of the week is 7th grade student Shelby! I chose her because she has done a great job in art this trimester. On our last project (the Japanese Notan) Shelby was a hardworker and her final artwork turned out fabulous! Keep up the great work Shelby!

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