Art Camp 2016

SNA Art Camp finished up on Friday! We worked on a different medium and technique each day of camp, and completed several projects. We had two groups this year. The kiddos (and myself) had a blast! 


St. Patrick’s Day!

Congrats to 4th grade student Sabina who won the Grand Prize with her entry into the Louisville St. Patrick Coloring contest. She and her family got to ride in the St. Patrick's Day Parade in the Ancient Order of Hibernian's Trolley and also attended a special Mass at St. Louis Bertrand on Saturday. Congratulations Sabina! Leprechaun... Continue Reading →

SNA Art Camp 2015

  SNA Art Camp 2015 has come and gone, and it was another successful year! Art Camp Day #1: Paper Mache Day! We learned about ancient Greece and pottery - specifically looking at the style of Greek vases. We put together a mold for our vases using a balloon, cardstock, and masking tape. Next, we... Continue Reading →

Analogous Color Ornaments!

  I just love Christmas art lessons! 4th graders learned about Analogous colors this week in art. We used oil pastels and practiced blending. Students then drew some pine tree branches and glued our ornaments on. Just hung these up in the hall!  Congrats to our Artist of the Week, 4th grade Anna! Look at that... Continue Reading →

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