Portfolio Requirements:  Click Here for Class Rubric
Final Presentation = 200 Points
1. Artist Statement: (25 Points)
 Introduction to your portfolio: Introduce yourself as an artist. Share how you became an artist, what inspires you. Incorporate artistic vocabulary, artist inspiration, art time periods if necessary.
2. Project #1 (25 Points)
3. Project #2 (25 Points)
4. Project #3 (25 Points)
5. Project #4 (25 Points)
6. Project #5 (25 Points)
7. Project #6 (Optional)
8. Digital Portfolio =
Images of each piece above with artist statements: 50 Points

Project & Presentation Due Dates:
Friday, January 19 = Project #1 Due
Thursday, February 8 = Project #2 Due
Friday, February 9 = In Progress Portfolio Presentation
Friday, March 2 = Project #3 Due
Friday, March 9 = In Progress Q3 Portfolio Presentation (200 Points)
Thursday, March 29 = Project #4 Due
Friday, April 27 = Project #5 Due
Friday, May 11 = Project #6 Due
Final Portfolio Presentations May 19-23 TBA (200 Points)

Art Independent Study Syllabus: (Click Here to Download a PDF of the Syllabus )
Course Description: This course provides opportunities for self-motivated students who have successfully completed advanced level courses. Students will work on a continued development of skills and creativity by guided independent art. By the end of this course, students should have a variety of finished, highly developed portfolio pieces of artwork.

Projects: 50%: 1 Project will be due every 3 weeks. Each project turned in will be graded with an Independent Study Rubric for 100 points. In addition to turning in the project, a Sketchbook pre-plan must be included.
Participation: 25%: Students receive 10 points a day (= 50 points per week) for their participation. This includes classroom behavior, respect, using materials responsibly, and clean-up.
In-Class Work: 25%: Students will receive ongoing sketchbook grades. This consists of self motivated participation, in-class drawings, project preparation, research, etc.

Materials: Each student will have their own bin in the classroom to keep their materials in. The materials below are required. Students will have access to all materials in the art room, but are welcome (and encouraged) to bring in materials from home.
1. Sketchbook
2. Pencil
3. Hand held Eraser
4. Clorox Wipes (Bleach Free due to Student Allergies)
5. Portfolio (Large Folder for Artwork)