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Art II Course Syllabus:
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Page 1: Course Description, Classroom Expectations, Grading
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Course Description: This course provides students with a continued development of skills and creativity. We will work with a variety of materials, stressing the Elements of Art and Principles of Design. By the end of this course, students should have an understanding of their interested concentration area.

Classroom Procedures & Expectations:
Beginning of Class: Students are to have their sketchbooks at the start of class every day! Each week there will be at least one sketchbook assignment. This will take place as a bell ringer. On days with no bell ringer, students are responsible for getting out their work.
Work Time: This is the only time phones are permitted. Students can use headphones and listen to music while working. Students are responsible for getting out artwork from bins & materials needed.
End of Class: Students responsibilities include putting away artwork and materials, then cleaning the table space & themselves last.

Grading: The overall Art 1 grade is based on the following key concepts:
Projects: 50%: Our goal is for students to create a finished project every 1-2 weeks of the course using a different technique, material, art style, or artist inspiration. Projects are graded with a 100 point rubric which includes a student self-assessment.
Participation: 25%: Students receive a grade each week for their participation. This includes classroom behavior, respect, using materials responsibly, and clean-up.
In-Class Work: 25%: Students will receive two sketchbook grades per semester, which consist of weekly bell-ringers. In-Class work includes practice work, worksheets, quizzes, and tests.

Materials: Each student will have their own bin in the classroom to keep their materials in.*50 Point Grade Due by Friday, January 12* 
Required Materials:
Sketchbook (Store bought or homemade)
Pencil & Hand held Eraser
Black Sharpie (Regular Tip)
Clorox Wipes (Bleach Free due to Student Allergies)

Extra Credit Materials:
Box of Tissues
Dish Soap
Watercolor Paint Set