Week 1: (Aug.  14-18) Syllabus Review, Expectations, Self Portrait
Week 2: (Aug. 21-25) The Purpose of Art, Art Careers
Week 3: (Aug. 28 – Sep. 1) Artistic Vocabulary, Art Criticism
Week 4: (Sep. 4-8) Celebrating Culture: International Festival Contest
Week 5: (Sep. 11-15) Intro to Drawing: Contour, Gesture, Geometric Drawing
Week 6: (Sep 18-22)  Anatomy Drawing
Week 7: (Sep. 25-29) Sketchbook Check Renaissance Art, Figure Drawing
Fall Break: Oct. 2-6
Week 8: (Oct. 9-13) Color Theory, Color Symbolism, Color Schemes
Week 9: (Oct. 16-20) Intro to Painting:  Mixing Colors, Tint/Tone/Shades
Week 10: (Oct. 23-27) Impressionism & Expressionism Art
Week 11: (Oct. 30-Nov. 3) Cafe Night Intro to Sculpture
Week 12: (Nov. 6-10) 3D Art
Week 13: (Nov. 13-17) Pop Art
Week 14: (Nov. 20-21 Modern Art
Thanksgiving Break: Nov 22-24
Week 15: (Nov. 27-Dec. 1) Artist Inspiration Research & Project
Week 16: (Dec. 4-8)  Art Criticism
Week 17: (Dec. 11-15)  Final Sketchbook Check & Art Critique

Student Links:

Art 1 Sketchbook Check #1: (Week 7- MidTerm)

  1. Silhouette Brainstorm Grid
  2. What is Art? #s 1-5 on Pg. 14
  3. Definitions: Art, Perceive, Expressive
  4. Why is ART Important?
  5. Imagination Worksheet
  6. International Festival Sketch
  7. Art Career Research
  8. Contour Drawing Notes
  9. In Class Contour Drawing
    10. Cross Contour Drawing

Art I Final Sketchbook Check: (Week 17 – Last Week of Q4)

  1. Landscape Notes
  2. Monochromatic Color Scheme Notes
  3. Halloween/Fall Artwork Sketch
  4. Free Choice Sketch
  5. Color Wheel Notes (Pg. 74 T&F)
  6. Color Scheme Worksheet
  7. Color Scheme Research


Art I Course Syllabus:
Course Description: This introductory course provides students with a basic development of skills and creativity. We will work with a variety of materials, stressing the Elements of Art and Principles of Design. By the end of this course, students should have an understanding of the role of Visual Art as well as their individual creativity and interests.

Classroom Expectations:
Be Respectful: Respect the art room and materials, as well as classmates & their artwork. Be considerate with your words and actions.
Be Responsible: Complete projects and turn in on time. Keep up with your artwork. Handle materials responsibly. Clean up your tables every day.
Be Creative: Step out of your comfort zone and try something new. You will be surprised what you can learn when you have an open mind. Be yourself, and have fun!

Classroom Procedures:
Beginning of Class: Students are to have their sketchbooks at the start of class every day! Each week there will be at least one sketchbook assignment. This will take place as a bell ringer. On days with no bell ringer, students are responsible for getting out their work.
Work Time: This is the only time phones are permitted. Students can use headphones and listen to music while working. Students are responsible for getting out artwork from bins & materials needed.
End of Class: Students responsibilities include putting away artwork and materials, then cleaning the table space & themselves last.

Grading: The overall Art 1 grade is based on the following key concepts:
Projects: 50%: Our goal is for students to create a finished project every 1-2 weeks of the course using a different technique, material, art style, or artist inspiration. Projects are graded with a 100 point rubric which includes a student self-assessment.
Participation: 25%: Students receive a grade each week for their participation. This includes classroom behavior, respect, using materials responsibly, and clean-up.
In-Class Work: 25%: Students will receive two sketchbook grades per semester, which consist of weekly bell-ringers. In-Class work includes practice work, worksheets, quizzes, and tests.

Required Materials:
1. Sketchbook
2. Pencil & Eraser
3. Black Sharpie (Normal Tip)
4. Colored Pencils
5. Disinfectant Wipes (Bleach-Free due to Student Allergies)
Click Here to Download a PDF of Full Art 1 Course Syllabus