Advanced Art



Week 1: (8/13-17) Introduction & Expectations, Expressionistic Self Portrait
Week 2: (8/20-24) Portfolio & Website Requirements
Week 3: (8/27-31) Observational Drawing
Week 4: (9/3-7)  Anatomy Drawing
Week 5: (9/10-9/14)  Figure Drawing
Week 6: (9/17-9/20) Portfolio Work Days
Week 7: (9/24-28)  In Progress Portfolio Presentation
Fall Break
Week 8: (10/8-12) Country Peddler Advertisement Contest
Week 9:  (10/15-19) Abstract Art
Week 10: (10/22-26) Abstract Art
Week 11: (10/29-11/2) MLK Art Contest
Week 12: (11/5-9) Statement Art Piece
Week 13: (11/12-16) Art Nouveau & Art Deco
Week 14: (11/9-23)  Landscapes
Week 15: (11/26-30) Pointillism
Week 16: (12/3-7) Portfolio Work Days
Week 17: (12/10-12/14)  In Progress Portfolio Presentation
Christmas Break

A large component of this class is creating a portfolio. We will learn how to share our process and final artwork. We will have In Progress Presentations that will only consist of a few pieces at a time to prepare us for a full Presentation at the end of the year. In addition, we will learn how to create an online portfolio. Below is the rubric that will work on throughout the year:

Advanced Art Portfolio Rubric: Download Portfolio Presentation Rubric

Artist Statement:

  • Introduction to Your Portfolio
  • Describes Style & inspiration
  • Incorporates Artistic Vocabulary
Student’s Score: ______ / 25
Observational drawing: (2 Pieces)

Choose 2 of the following: Still Life Drawing, Portrait Drawing, Figure Drawing, or Partial Figure Drawing (Anatomy of Hands, etc)

  • Artwork is Planned out & Complete
  • Effort & Craftsmanship
Student’s Score ______ / 25
Non-Objective Artwork: (1 Piece)

Choose 1 abstract piece. Can be any material.

  • Artwork is Planned out & Complete
  • Effort & Craftsmanship
Student’s Score: ______ / 25
Outdoor Drawing: (2 Pieces)

Choose 2 Scenic Piece: Landscape, Skyscape, Cityscape, etc.

  • Artwork is Planned out & Complete
  • Effort & Craftsmanship
Student’s Score: ______ / 25
Personal Choice Artwork: (5 pieces)

Choose 5 pieces that demonstrate your personal interest and artistic style.

  • Artwork is Planned out & Complete
  • Effort & Craftsmanship
Student’s Score: ______ / 25
Digital Portfolio:  

Images of each piece above with artist statements.

  • Layout is organized
  • Website is updated
Student’s Score: ______ / 100
Comments: Final Grade:  ________ / 200


Portfolio Presentation Due Dates:

1st Semester 2nd Semester
September 27-28
(In Progress – 100 Points)
February 7-8
(In Progress – 100 Points)
November 19-20
(In Progress – 100 Points)
March 28-29
(In Progress – 100 Points)
December 12-14
(Midterm – 200 Points)
May 20-24 TBA
(Final Presentation – 200 Points)


Click Here for a Download of Full Advanced Art Syllabus
Course Description
: This course is designed for advanced art students that have successfully completed Art 1-3.  Students will work on a continued development of skills and creativity by using different mediums and techniques. By the end of this course, students should have several pieces of distinguished artwork and a completed portfolio.

Maintaining a Sketchbook: This includes observational studies, drawings, research, class notes, pre-planning, and critiques. There will be a sketchbook assignment each week.
Class Participation: Students will be responsible for managing time to complete projects when they are due. There will be a lot of independence in this course, so self-motivation is crucial for success.  Students are also responsible for participating in class critiques; offering and receiving constructive feedback for works of art from peers.

Projects: 50%: Our goal is to produce a finished project every week. Each project will be worth 100 points. In addition to turning in the project, a Sketchbook pre-plan and a Rubric must be completed.
Participation: 25%: Students receive a weekly participation grade. This includes classroom behavior, respect, using materials responsibly, and clean-up.
In-Class Work: 25%: Students will receive ongoing sketchbook grades. This also consists of self motivated participation, in-class drawings, project preparation, research, etc.

Materials: Each student will have their own bin in the classroom to keep their materials in. Students will have access to all materials in the art room, but are welcome (and encouraged) to bring in materials from home.
Required Materials
Hand held Eraser
Clorox Wipes (Bleach Free due to Student Allergies)

Other Materials (Not Required, But Encouraged)
Portfolio (Large Folder for Artwork)
Your choice of materials (Paints, Colored Pencils, Etc.)
Paint Palette & Paint Brushes


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