SNA Art Camp 2015


SNA Art Camp 2015 has come and gone, and it was another successful year!

Art Camp Day #1: Paper Mache Day! We learned about ancient Greece and pottery – specifically looking at the style of Greek vases. We put together a mold for our vases using a balloon, cardstock, and masking tape. Next, we added cardboard handles, and began our messy paper mache.



Art Camp Day #2: Watercolor Day! We learned several different techniques to enhance our watercolor paintings. Next, students got to create a piece of artwork using splatter paint. (their favorite!)



Art Camp Day #3: Printmaking Day! Students learned what printmaking is, and got to make their own prints using a gelli plate. We went outside and made prints with bubbles + watercolor paints, and also with shaving cream.

IMG_5139 IMG_5145 IMG_5146IMG_5144


Art Camp Day #4: Clay Day! Another student’s favorite. We learned how to make a coil pot, then students were allowed free time to create whatever they wish…as long as they used the slip & score technique.


And that’s a wrap! The last day of camp we finished any projects that needed extra attention, and our 8th grade helper Alex led us in some games.



I enjoyed working with each of these kiddos this year. See you all in August!








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