Hard to believe that my second year at SNA has already come and gone. Time flies! My first year was a blur meeting all the students and learning about SNA, all while planning my wedding. The second my extra busyness came from completing my KTIP. I am very excited about my upcoming school year-no extra busyness and I can focus on teaching. Well,until I start my masters….and all the millions of other things that happen in life. There’s always something!

This summer started off with professional development meetings which I always enjoy. Mostly art teachers come to these sessions and are filled with great content and projects I can use in my classroom. Below are just a few projects that we learned about and/or got to create…..some great projects were shown by the art teachers from around the Archdiocese!


Ordered my lesson plan book for next school year from https://www.erincondren.com/. I am excited to fill these pages!


Next on the summer agenda is clay camp! Starts on Monday.

Stay tuned!!