NAEA 2014 San Diego!!

Had a blast at the NAEA conference this year!  This was my first year going to the conference as an art teacher, my previous visits were when I was still in undergrad at WKU. Now I can apply everything I learned to my own classroom…plus the timing of the conference couldn’t have been better. I feel refreshed and ready to finish out the school year.


The San Diego Convention Center was a piece of art itself. The architecture was beautiful & the waterfront view was amazing! I was also sore the whole weekend from the steps I walked up and down to the conference!



Running the San Diego Convention Center Stairs

Here’s me in front of the 28 ft. tall sculpture in front of the convention center. This piece is made of mosaics and mirrored monochromatic tiles by  Niki de Saint Phalle. Loved this!!




The view from the 29th floor of the Hilton wasn’t so bad either……


The sessions at the convention were overwhelming at first, there are over 1000 of them to choose from! I spent my time on the plane making out my schedule for the weekend. I attended around 17 different sessions. I could go on for days but here are just a few of  my favorite sessions:

  • Around the world in 40 art projects/Jessica Whittingham – This session was taught by a preschool teacher. With SNA just started a PreK this year I found some helpful tips for the little ones. Jessica went through 40 countries and projects with each. She also discussed how she holds her annual art show!
  • Public Art for 3D Design/Carla Stetson – This session was all about understanding the relationship between location, community, art, and significance. She is a professor at Ithaca College, and ties history into her art. One quote I took note of “You must know your history to face up to it!” I learned about several 3D artists in this session!
  • Order in the art room / Joan Maresh Hansen – This was one of my top favorites! This art teacher has been teaching for over 30 years. (And still loving it!) She discussed the importance of having systems in place promote classroom order. Having classroom order creates a smooth learning environment! A quote I noted by Madeline Hunter: “Kids don’t care what you know until they know you care” Very true! This session was very informative, several teachers shared effective classroom tips.
  • Create a creative classroom environment / Laura Lynn Emberson – I learned about “interactive community art walls” in Roland Park Elementary. This art teacher holds interactive exhibits in her school where students & faculty can interact with each other through art. Something that inspired me was how Laura tied in her own personal artwork to her lessons. She showed her students her personal artwork and her process of art making, which influences her students.
  • Connecting Visual Art, Children’s Literature & Writing / Barabara Calvo & Teri Trumpbour – These New Jersey teachers taught ways to incorporate reading & writing into art class. I use children’s literature pretty often in my classroom so I was excited to learn some new books for projects. I also learned ways students can write and analyze artwork.
  • Stuck in a rut with Clay / Cathy & Sarah Balbach – I was excited to see some Louisville art teachers present their expertise on clay! They did great. They showed over 20 projects you can create using clay. One of my favorite project ideas they shared was transferring an image onto clay and creating a portrait using clay tools. So neat!



Onto the next most exciting thing…the Vendors! I should have taken more pictures. I was too busy collecting all my free stuff!

Here is one of my favorite setups- The Art of Education! This is an online based professional development website for art educators. I love my new pin too.



Some other highlights from my trip: I got to meet up with several fellow art teachers that I went to WKU with that are all teaching now. I got to see my art education professor Miwon Choe, high school art teacher Sandra Carter, and my elementary school art teacher Mrs. Soule!

IMG_7693 I got to attend a few sessions & eat lunch by the waterfront with a fellow WKU grad & art teacher, Natalie Davis!

MrsSoule Here’s me with Kim Soule! We ran into eachother in the lobby of our hotel.

IMG_7731 La Jolla Cove. One of the prettiest places I’ve ever seen!



See you next year in New Orleans NAEA Conference!! 🙂






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