SNA Art News!

I am excited to be back to school! The art room is ready for creative students. Who will be our first artist of the week this year?

Picture 001

Picture 002

New posters are up in the artroom-and also a new behavior plan! ART letters are clipped on the white board. If students aren’t on task/too disruptive I will turn over letter A for a warning. When R is flipped that is their second warning, and if T is flipped there is no talking and no art. If students behavior improves, they can earn a letter back. Classes can earn rewards by not having any letters flipped over.

We will be starting our art club in October as well as monthly art shows.  To find out more information on this please see the top of the page next to “About Mrs. Orange” tab. Here you will find dates and details. You will also find a wishlist for the artroom…any donations will be very appreciated!!

If you have any questions that aren’t answered please e-mail me!

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