Summer Thoughts!

It’s hard to believe how much time flies! This time last year I had just happily accepted the art teaching job at SNA. I was spending this time going through the classroom (see below) I organized and cleaned and organized some more as I prepared for SNAs students new world of art class they were about to enter. I was so excited to meet them!


Before I knew it, students of all grades were filling the chairs and I began to teach them all about art. I enjoyed learning about all my students lives and their interests. I remember being in their shoes, being a student (like I said, time flies!) and some of my favorite art teachers were ones that made art relate to my life. I tried my best to do just that. I love when students have the opportunity to create art that is related to them in some personal aspect, and their artwork comes alive! Moments like that is when I truly love my job. I also tried my best to simplify each and every lesson I taught. Students easily get intimidated and say my least favorite sentence…”I can’t do that!” but after breaking our art project in several steps they light up as they see that they CAN 🙂

I had the opportunity to start an art club at SNA–a very successful one that is! I had so many students interested that I broke it up into two groups. We had a fun time and looking forward to next years group.  Art Club

Somehow I managed to learn (almost) all 400 students names and by the end of the year I had gotten into the routine of SNA. And once I finally caught on…time for summer!

This past school year I was not only learning a new city & new school but planning my wedding! It was on June 1, a week after school got out for summer. You can imagine throwing that in the mix of the chaotic schedule..but everything came together and it was perfect. I had several students ask if they could come to the wedding, I told them they could all come be my flower girls. (The middle school boys got a kick out of that)


I am excited that my new name fits my passion for art teaching…Mrs. Orange! Now that I am back from wedding-land and home to Louisville I am ready to prepare for this coming school year. Mrs. Orange has several good ideas!!!

Hope everyone has a great summer break. I’m excited to see you soon!



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